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Marketing Services Brands that have named Sunbelt Business Brokers as the preferred resales broker:

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Print / Sign / Graphic / Direct Mail

According to First Research, the advertising and marketing industry in the U.S. "includes about 38,000 establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies) with combined annual revenue of about $110 billion."  Over Sunbelt Business Brokers' 40+ year history, our certified business brokers have been responsible for transitioning numerous marketing services (i.e. print, sign, graphic, direct mail, etc.) businesses while maximizing value for their sellers.

Why has Sunbelt had these results with these types of businesses?

While much of our success can be attributed to the highly experienced and knowledgeable business intermediaries stationed across the 140+ offices throughout the United States, Sunbelt Franchise Resales (SFR) has partnered with some of the most successful and reputable brands in the marketing services industry. For over 20 years, SFR has been the "preferred resales broker" for Alliance Franchise Brands (Allegra, Image 360, Signs Now, Signs by Tomorrow, RSVP, KKP, Insty-Prints & American Speedy Printing Centers)Franchise Services, Inc. (Sir Speedy, PIP Printing & Signal Graphics) and Fortusis (Kwik Kopy Printing, Franklin's Printing & Kwik Kopy Business Centers). Through these partnerships, SFR and Sunbelt have become very familiar with the business model and type of buyer these businesses attract. As a result, our offices have become experts in how to effectively market and produce the best price and terms for the sellers they represent.

As of the conclusion of 2023, the marketplace remains an advantageous place for business owners to transition their business. Immediately following the onset of COVID-19 in March of 2020, the buyer pool for businesses increased dramatically due to historically low interest rates, high unemployment and low job satisfaction. Since 2022, however, rapid rates of inflation and interest rates spiking beyond even pre-pandemic levels left many business owners wondering if they could still earn maximum value for their business.

The simple answer remains "YES!"

Year-over-year, the business resale market has continued to demonstrate that buyers are interested in purchasing strong performing businesses regardless of economic conditions. BizBuySell, the largest online business-for-sale marketplace, published their market insights report at the conclusion of Q4 in 2023. Here's what they said:

                   "Businesses bought in 2023 showed stronger financials compared to the previous year,                             also exhibiting a U-shaped pattern with values surging in the 4th quarter. Median cash                               low grew 13% in the final quarter, finishing the year with a 4% annual gain, while median                           revenue gained 16% and 6% respectively. This activity underscores small business                                       resilience despite current economic conditions. It also suggests buyers are still willing to                             invest in great opportunities."

If you are an owner contemplating the sale of your business, it's never been more critical and beneficial to consult with someone who understands the marketplace, the selling process and how to appropriately value and market your business in order to maximize value.

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Price: $400,000

Location: Florida

Date: April, 2024

Days Listed: 333


Price: $2,200,000

Location: North Carolina

Date: December, 2022

Days Listed: 239


Price: $537,000

Location: Delaware

Date: October, 2022

Days Listed: 249


Price: $425,000

Location: Texas

Date: July, 2022

Days Listed: 358


Price: $1,400,000

Location: Arizona

Date: April, 2022

Days Listed: 111


Price: $700,000

Location: Nevada

Date: February, 2022

Days Listed: 148 


Price: $276,000

Location: Arizona

Date: November, 2021

Days Listed: 162


Price: $110,000

Location: Texas

Date: August, 2021

Days Listed: 175


Price: $236,000

Location: Texas

Date: January, 2021

Days Listed: 445


Price: $179,000

Location: Minnesota

Date: October, 2020

Days Listed: 476


Price: $150,000

Location: Virginia

Date: August, 2020

Days Listed: 851